GameChanger Baseball Softball App Reviews

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Great way to follow a game when you cant be there

I find it fantastic. Im out of the country and can still follow my sons baseball team. An added plus is seeing the write ups following the game. I highly recommend this app.

gc baseball live game

super, just the inning currently played too small to read on an iPhone

Great Tool

Easy and fun.

Best Baseball Scoring App.

Baseball mom heaven

Perfect for the mom with multiple kids playing and the parent that travels! I get to watch my kid strike out a batter from 1100 miles away!!

Best Scorekeeping app on the market

I downloaded and "tested" 6-7 score keeping apps before coming across Game Changer. W-H-O-A-!!! This is the best, most user friendly, and proficient app I have seen! I usually keep score for my daughters softball team for my own enjoyment (it keeps me in the game!). The other apps had very little to absolutely no rules for softball. Game Changer not only has the rules of the game set up, it has international tie breaker capabilities, among other things. One fun feature is that you can "replay" the game on a pitch-by-pitch basis, as in, it plays for you! I know I have not tapped into all that the app can do, but it sure makes it easy to get all the stats for the team like never before. Put the pencil and book down and get Game Changer! Oh, did I mention you can set the app up to give live, in-game updates to the subscribers? No more trying to text scores in between innings!!! Great, great app!

Great app

Very comprehensive app. Easy to use interface.


Why is this app free? I feel guilty not paying because it is so good.

Softball mom

This is the best app if you are unable to make the game!!!


Have enjoyed for 2 years. I cant go to all the games anymore so this keeps me up to date with no waiting.


For someone who never pays attention, its the perfect way to stay tuned in

Best youth baseball app

Love that you can instantly follow games with no problems or glitches. Its statistics results are also great.

Game Changer

Great App for keeping up with our teams.

Great app

I like the app helps with what to work on and who needs work.


This is awesome!!

Keeps you in the game!

GC, at first was a challenge for me, especially if lineups change or if kids arrive late. We are a team on 7th and 8th graders so the fielders change position at every inning. GC is a great way for the coach to assess. Being only scorekeeper, its nice to help out the team!

Really good

Really good app for scoring. Can learn in minutes so parents can easily keep score. Ran into a nasty bug though today but turned off the iPad and back on, all is well. Thanks GC

Greatest Baseball app

This has changed the way we keep track of the game with ease but also for coaching purposes to make line up changes. Cant imagine going back to paper now.

Best baseball app by far

This is the easiest app to use for keeping the book. Super detailed and loaded with features. Give it a try.

Awesome App.

Get to see play by play, plus look at our grandsons stats.

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